Services Details


Container :
Fortune Oilfield fabricates and refurbishes Tool Containers, Accommodation Containers, Testing Units, General Slick Line Operations & any specification to suit the requirements. We provide AutoCAD drawings for pre approvals & all containers are certified to meet the standards for specific regions. Fortune assures competitiveness in pricing & delivery. We fabricate all types including 10ft, 20ft & 40ft along with open tops containers.
MTU Skids :
Fortune Oilfield manufactures Skids which is used as a process system contained within a frame that allows to be easily transported. Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems or entire portable plants. These are also called “a system in a box.” Fortune provides lifting certifications to meet the standards of different regions.
Racks :
Fortune Oilfield manufactures X-Over Racks, Stabilizer Racks & Gas Racks with DNV Standards. These are designed with lifting points for forklift & DNV standard lifting hooks. All Racks are supplied with certified lifting slings
Baskets :
Fortune Oilfield designs and fabricates Personal Transfer Baskets, Cargo Baskets & Drill Pipe Baskets. The Baskets are designed & certified with DNV Standards. The baskets are supplied with certified lifting slings & will have fork lift points. All Baskets are individually load tested. Fortune provides permanent identification/data plates. Any color codes can be matched as per the requirements.
Rig Mat :
Fortune Oilfield manufactures Rig Mat which is as portable platform used to support equipment in Construction and other Resource-based activities, including Drilling rigs, Camps, Tanks, and Helipad. It may also be used as a structural roadway to provide passage over unstable ground, pipelines and more. These are also known as wood and steel mats or steel frame mats. Common sizes are 8? x 20?, 8? x 30?, and 8? x 40?. Rig Mats are DNV GL certified.